My parents came to visit a couple weeks back and brought with them one of my childhood stuffed animals.  I won this giant Garfield in a raffle from the orthodontist.  He’s probably the coolest stuffed animal ever.  The boys love him and will go and give him hugs.  They giggle and bury their heads into […]

Blueberry picking

Yesterday we took the boys to Hybridoma, an organic fruit farm to pick blueberries. It was about a half an hour drive from our house.  We checked in and grabbed our bucket and then headed over to the raspberry and blackberry patches.  There weren’t really any berries there though.  The blueberries was were the excitement […]


The boys have been buzzed for the summer months.  It seems like their new haircut also brought on new personalities.  They look so different!     [youtube][/youtube]