Dancing in the rain

This evening it decided to suddenly down pour in Baltimore.  It was very relaxing just watching the rain.  Steve and I decided to bring the boys outside under the front porch deck.  They both started laughing and putting their arms out to touch the water as it dripped down the house.  Then Nathan got brave […]

New Heights

The latest thing the boys love to do is climb up on things.  They climb up and into their chairs to eat a meal, they climb onto a chair to watch us cook, and they’ll climb on top of just about anything. This weekend Nathan very carefully brought in a book of Goldfish crackers that […]

Your mommy is an Author!

…and I dedicated my first book to you boys. I just did an update to my kickstarter project explaining the whirlwind of a weekend that Steve and I just had dealing with fulfilling around 500 book orders: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lisadeluca/a-robot-story-learn-to-count-to-ten-in-binary/posts/871711 Here’s the story again: The books arrived last Tuesday just as I was in the air headed to […]

Grandpa’s Ribs

Over the long Memorial Day weekend Steve and I took the boys and drove out to Pittsburgh to visit Grandma and Grandpa DeLuca.  We were welcomed to the smell of ribs in the smoker.  Yum!  The boys loved them.  Anthony kept pointing to my ribs and insisted that he get to eat it off the […]