Melissa & Will’s Wedding

Yesterday we took the boys to York, Pennsylvania to attend Melissa and Will’s wedding.  Melissa is my Aunt Pat’s daughters, daughter.  Not sure what that makes Melissa and I in relationship to each other.  The wedding was beautiful and Melissa was gorgeous.  I loved her dress!   Grandma and Grandpa Seacat are in town and […]


Today we spent a lot of time outside.  It was beautiful out and our tomatoes are starting to get to the point where the “wildlife” are likely to come try a taste.  So we decided to finish the over-engineered rabbit cage (pictures to come).  Grandma and Grandpa Seacat are in town so we put them […]

Crazy kiddos

Our evenings after dinner lately have been us dancing in the living room or chasing the boys around the house in circles.  Here’s a little view of what it’s like at our house: [youtube][/youtube] these videos happen to be of Anthony.  I’ll have to get one of Nathan as well.  I had to get one […]

Watching Daddy Cook

Yesterday the boys decided to climb up on the bar stools and watch Steve peel some potatoes for dinner.  They have been very interested in watching Steve cook lately.  Especially Anthony.   They’ll even go and grab chairs and bring them over so they can get a front row view of what daddy is doing. […]

Goodbye Pacis!

We decided to eliminate the pacifiers on June 6th.  The boys did awesome at night.  The first few nights they cried a bit in the beginning but slept the same amount of time.  The last week or so it’s definitely been interesting during nap time.  I think at one point Ann said “I HATE no […]

Cheer up Brother

Nathan has been in a little bit of a mood the last few days.  He’ll cry whenever we’re out of his line of sight.  Today Steve went upstairs and Nathan collapsed on the floor in tears.  Then Anthony got down as well and crawled over on top of Nathan and gave him some pets on […]