Gym play date

Ann and I decided to test out taking the boys to the ymca care center while we worked out. We tried last week and neither of us had an I.D. so they wouldn’t let us leave the boys.  So we each took turns watching the boys while the other did a quick workout.  Well, this […]

Battery Scare

On Saturday I took the boys downstairs and made them some pancakes while Steve got a little extra sleep.  They devoured the blueberry pancakes and I put them in the babyproofed living room while I cleaned up.  When I came around the corner Anthony was chewing on a triple A battery and the remote to […]

Mothers Day 2014

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, my second one as a mother.  I guess the novelty has already worn off for Steve who stated “It’s not Mother’s Day if your kids can’t say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’”. At least Anthony gave me a few extra hugs: We spent the afternoon at Oregon Ridge park again where the boys […]

18 months old

We took the boys to the Pediatrician on Tuesday for their 18 month checkup.  For some reason it was more tears than usual at the doctors office as well as a fight over who got to sit on Daddy’s lap.  They only got one shot, Hep A, and were rewarded with a very sticky red […]

Oregon Ridge

Ann, our nanny, told us about this fun nature trail she used to go to a lot as a kid so today we decided to go check it out.  It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon… a perfect day to be playing outside. We started out by going inside the Nature Center.  There were fish tanks […]