Cash McCollum Crow

Congratulations Sara, Andrew, Knox, and Banks on your new little bundle: Cash McCollum Crow. Born Wednesday March 12th, 2014 at 11 pm 8 lbs 8 oz. Check out this perfect little family: We love you guys!!  Can’t wait to meet Cash in a week and a half.


Sometimes my sister will post pictures of her two boys wearing the same outfit and say “twinning”.  I think it’s really cute and decided to “twin” my boys today.  Check out these handsome little devils in this outfit grandma Seacat sent them.  

Swingset push

The winter has finally warmed up a little.  So yesterday we got to play in the backyard with the boys on the swingset. It was about 60 degrees. [youtube][/youtube]   [youtube][/youtube]

First M&Ms

This weekend Steve went to Pittsburgh for a football reunion so I had the boys to myself.  Unfortunately they beg for everything with their big blue eyes that it makes it hard to say no to their charms.  I decided to give in and gave them each a peanut butter M&M that I was eating. […]