Black Friday

Yesterday the boys tagged along with aunt Leslie, Katie, and myself to the Towson mall to do some holiday shopping. They did such a good job. Anthony was enjoying people watching so much that he didn’t take a nap. Click to view video. Nathan took a little snooze. First black Friday shopping trip was pretty […]

Thanksgiving 2013

I’m a little slow on this post (so I’ll have to backdate it) but we had an awesome Thanksgiving.  My Aunt Leslie and Uncle Lonnie flew up on Monday evening to spend the week with us.  Katie, my cousin/their daughter, joined us on Wednesday evening.  It was the first time the boys got to meet […]

Playing with Gracie

Yesterday both Nathan and Anthony, on two separate occasions, went and grabbed Gracie’s small pink tennis ball and tried to play catch with her.  I didn’t see Nathan do it, but Ann told me he had.  Then last night Anthony did the same thing.  Gracie was being so good with him.  She let him take […]

Daddy Danger

This morning Steve shaved off his beard because he was going to teach Science to 7th through 12th graders.  When we came downstairs Nathan got scared.  I don’t know if he didn’t recognize him or what but he looked at him and cried.  He also didn’t want Steve to hold him and climbed into my […]

First Steps – Nathan

Yesterday Steve was walking Nathan around the room, barely holding onto his hands, and when he was done I held Nathan at arms length and asked him to come to me.  He took three steps unassisted before crashing into my arms.  He’s going to be full on walking any day now! Anthony is also becoming […]

Teething Toddler Twins

It’s been a fun last few days at the DeLuca household.  Both boys are teething.  Nathan is getting two teeth next to his upper two middle teeth and Anthony is getting his first upper tooth (left one).  It’s sad that we can’t do much to ease their pain but it’s also exciting that the boys […]

First Birthday Party

The boys were blessed to celebrate their very first birthday with so many friends and family members.  My Aunt Laurie, Grandma Richardson, mother, sister Sara, and Sara’s two sons all flew in early to help.  It was a lot of work organizing the food, making the deserts, and rearranging the house.  But it turned out […]

One Year

The boys are a year old.  I can’t believe it’s been a year.  Time has flown by.  Seems like only yesterday Steve and I were red eyed zombies and now we’re fully functional adults settled into a comfortable rhythm as parents. It was tough to get a picture of the boys together this month so […]