Halloween Parade

Our neighborhood had a Halloween parade where all the little kids dressed up and did a lap around the lakes yesterday.  The email the association sent out said the parade started at 1:30 but signs around the neighborhood said 1.  So we missed most of the parade, sneaking onto the tail end of it.  It […]


I love fall on the East coast.  The leaves are so gorgeous.  Ann and I decided to take a few pictures of the boys playing in the leaves for the first time.  They made sure to utilize all of their senses: touching, smelling, seeing, hearing the leaves crunch, and of course tasting!  Nathan loved being […]


The boys have been climbing on everything lately.  They can now get up on the couches unassisted. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m71qBFE2PwY[/youtube] Nathan is pretty good about dismounting by going down backwards and making sure his feet touch before letting go.  Anthony will go head first while looking at you and giggling as if he knows it’s the wrong […]