Messy Men

Our boys are loving trying out all sorts of new foods.  They love the taste, texture, smells… all of the pure and innocent reasons anyone would love food.  To really experience anything fully, it’s important to smear it on their faces…

Fattore Family

Steve’s friend Dom and his wife Tonya as well as their 18 month old daughter came by the house last weekend to meet the boys.  Turns out Nathan is quite the flirt!  He crawled right over to her and did pushups!! When that didn’t get her attention he did one footed pushups.  Starting them young… […]

Park “wave”

This week Keri, Anthony, Nathan, and I drove over to the park.  This was the boys second time at the park but they had a lot of fun swinging, sliding, and playing.  Nathan, as usual, was trying to impress the ladies.  We also finally captured Anthony’s waving. [youtube][/youtube]  

Fun Update

Here’s some updates on the boys: Anthony went from not crawling at all to full on moving everywhere this past Saturday. Nathan and Anthony crawl in what Keri calls “packs”.  They’re always together going after the same toy.  Phew!  I was worried they were going to go opposite ways.  Their slow motion moving is adorable. […]