We bought a dropcam so that we can watch the boys using wifi.  It’s pretty neat.  You can download an app for your smartphone and get alerts when there is movement.  It uses up a lot of our internet bandwidth but it’s pretty fun.  I can share the feed so if you want to see […]

12 hours

Last night we put the boys down at 7 pm.  Then we fed them at 10 pm before we went to sleep.  They slept until 7 am. When I was feeding Nathan I gave him a hard time “Why can’t you guys sleep for 13 hours straight?!?”.  Then Steve and I laughed.  The boys are […]

Pretty in pink

We’ve taken the boys out to lunch a few times now and they’ve been really good.  When we go to Toss, a pizza place down the road, we usually leave them in the stroller next to the table.  Anthony does really well in the high chair though, just looking around.  I had to share these […]


Last weekend Steve finished the final touch for baby-proofing of our living room.  We have the two gates up in the two entry doorways, we’ve replaced all of the outlet covers with baby-proofed versions, and removed all of the cords and sharp edges.  What was the final touch?  Steve put a piece of wood inside […]

Hysterical Laughter

Tonight when Steve got home from work I already had the boys in their highchairs and they were eating dinner.  When Nathan saw Steve he burst out laughing.  I’ve never heard him laughing so hysterically.  I ran to grab my camera as Steve tried to keep him giggling.  Here’s what I ended up with: [youtube]http://youtu.be/QV0vToeGgbE[/youtube]

Anthony Planks

On June 8th I showed some pictures and a video of Nathan planking and Anthony has just started doing it about a week or so ago. Here’s a video of him holding himself up on his tip toes. [youtube]http://youtu.be/0OefODC_xYM[/youtube] It seems so much harder for Anthony because he’s got thunder thighs! He is so determined […]

Four Generations

My Aunt Dot is competing in golf in the Senior Olympics in Cleveland this week and it just so happened that the flight from Orlando to Cleveland had a layover in Baltimore.  So my Aunt Dot, Aunt Laurie, and Grandmother broke all the rules and left the airport in Baltimore so that we could all […]