Baby Pool

Today was a hot one in Baltimore, over 80 degrees despite a few short outbursts of rain.  Steve and I thought it’d be fun to hop in the car and go find a baby pool for the boys.  We found one for $5 at Target.  It was the best $5 we ever spent.  The boys […]

Anthony analyzing Gracie

Anthony always wants to touch Gracie.  The other day Steve was holding her and Anthony got to play with her paw.  I was a little slow grabbing my camera but she was so patient with him while he got to feel a puppy paw. [youtube][/youtube]


Anthony LOVES to jump.  For the past few days we’ve been putting him in the jump-a-roo in doorways and he just hops around with a giant smile on his face. [youtube][/youtube] If you look at him and say hi he’ll jump even higher… he gets so excited when someone gives him attention.  He is such […]

Nathan Noises

I read somewhere that babies tend to make more noises and sounds when they’re starting to teeth.  Nathan has been making a lot more noises recently… I wonder if there will be some teeth poking in soon. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

Spring Lake Splashing

The other day Keri and I took the boys for a walk and because it was so HOT out we decided to pull over by the lakes and let the boys dangle their feet in.  Anthony didn’t seem to care so much that his feet were cold and wet, but Nathan had a grand old […]


On Saturday Nathan was acting very sleepy. His eyebrows get red and he gets a little grouchy.  So I walked him up and put him in his crib with his blue blanket.  He immediately pulled it up by his face and snuggled in with it.  Then he pulled it back, saw me, and started laughing. […]

Stiff Arm [stif ahrm]

stiff arm [stif ahrm] verb. 1. When a tandem nursing twin baby places his or her inward facing arm such that the elbow is not bent and then pushes away his or her sibling forcefully. Warning, a stiff arm may result in the following: crying  spilled milk scratched faces uncontrollable laughter smiles distracted babies Nathan has […]