18 days

According to my breastfeeding app, from 11/25 to today: Anthony = 12612 minutes = 8.76 days feeding 24/7 Nathan = 13332 minutes = 9.26 days feeding 24/7 = ~18 days of nonstop breastfeeding… that’s a lot of time out of my life sitting around staring at the wall. ūüôā  

Kitchen Progress

It’s been a little over 7 weeks since the kitchen remodel has started and the last two weeks there has been a lot of progress. ¬†The beam is up (the wall isn’t out yet), the floor is all pulled up, and the framing is installed. ¬†Luckily Steve doesn’t start work until next week because he’s […]

Grandma DeLuca

Thank you Grandma DeLuca for staying with us for the past week and helping out. ¬†We should’ve gotten a cute picture of the boys with her. ¬†She was so amazing with them. ¬†Somehow she even managed to get them to take naps regularly and in their cribs. ¬†It made the nights so much easier on […]

Hands and Feet

Over the last week or so the boys have both been starting to swat at things with their hands. ¬†They especially like this little¬†octopus¬†toy that has big googly eyes. We managed to get some cute¬†videos. Here’s Nathan: [youtube]http://youtu.be/av7iYWT9g1Q[/youtube] Anthony has been using his feet a lot. ¬†Here’s him kicking at the octopus: [youtube]http://youtu.be/9dKPMZ82hZs[/youtube] One day […]

Growth spurt?!?

Today was a rough day! The boys pretty much ate every two hours and I let them eat on their own so they ended up eating every hour since they were on opposite schedules. Then between eating they would scream and need to be held until they fell sleep for half hour naps. Definitely seemed […]

Back to work

Today is day 3 of being back to work. ¬†I’m on my lunch break so I figured I’d tell you boys how much I miss you. ¬†I am lucky in that I’m able to work from home which allows me to take a couple breaks during the day to breastfeed and see you during lunch. […]