Halloween has always been one of Steve and my favorite holidays. Nine years ago on Halloween was the first night we kissed. I was cat woman and he was a rocker. Such a fun night! I managed to dig up an old photo.. When I found out we were pregnant in march I was excited […]


Day 3 in the hospital.  The night shift came in at 6:30 am and told us we’d be delivering at 35 weeks (tomorrow) so I was getting a little worried the babies would come before my mom got here (she changed her plane tcket to get here on Wednesday).  Then at 8:30 another set of […]

Sleepy Daddy

It’s been a long last few days…not exactly how we planned on spending the weekend. This morning we got good news that one doctor didn’t think we needed to do a pre-term c-section just yet. So now we are back in the post pardum area where my vitals ar e being monitored. I’m running out […]


Just an update on the whole mucus plug thing, Steve and I headed to the doctor on Wednesday for our normal weekly checkup and I told them I thought I lost my mucus plug.  The doctor said that the mucus plug is an old wives tale.  I guess it’s just changes in discharge when the […]

Mucus Plug

ew… I lost my mucus plug this morning when I went to the bathroom (34w1d).  I did some reading and it sounds like the twins will likely come in the next 2 to 3 weeks.  Luckily we have a dr’s appt here in 45 minutes.  Hopefully they stay put for another couple weeks so my […]