27 week belly

Here’s a picture of my belly at 27w5d. The thing I noticed the most this week is swelling.  I can no longer see the bones in my feet and it hurts to walk around barefoot for too long.  Same with my hands.  it’s not that noticeable to other people but if i were to pull […]

Aggressive Gracie

One thing that I’ve noticed a lot lately is Gracie’s increased aggression towards other animals.  She used to give a little growl but now she will run towards other animals and even open her mouth as if she is going to bite them.  It’s gotten to the point where it’s embarrassing to take her for walks or […]

26 week belly

Here’s the boys at 26w5d. I have gained about 22 pounds.  It’s getting uncomfortable to sit without slouching or to get out of bed.  Even in bed, rolling from my left to my right side and vice versa involves a lot of grunting.  We have one more month in San Fran before we fly to […]