Yesterday I drank the koolaid… i.e. i took the glucose test. I just got a response from my doctor: Hi Lisa, Your recent blood tests show that you do not have gestational diabetes. Your complete blood count does indicate that you are mildly anemic, however. You would benefit from increasing your dietary iron through foods […]

Night Owls

I’m not sure if it’s the relief of selling our home, the anxiety of moving across the country while 30 weeks pregnant with twins, or the excitement of our new lives in Baltimore… but both the babies and myself are not sleeping well.  You little babies need to get on schedule before you are born […]

Mr. Roboto

My sister is working on a top secret nursery gift for the twins with the help of Knox-a-roo and I’m so excited to see what she comes up with.  She already bought two robot dolls which you guys are going to LOVE!  I think we’ll have to use them for monthly growing photos like the […]