Twin Tentative Timetable

Found this article about twin pregnancies: You’ve seen the pregnancy calendars (40 weeks’ worth). You might have estimated your due date (40 weeks from LMP). But before you circle that due date with a permanent red marker, consider this: A twin pregnancy is considered full-term at 37 weeks. (Three fewer weeks of heartburn and puffiness — […]

Baby names

I haven’t the slightest clue how we’re supposed to come up with TWO baby boy names.  Steve and I talked about names for a few minutes the night of the gender reveal but haven’t talked about names since.  We have so much going on and the babies feel like they’re so far away that names […]

Twin language

Steve’s coworker found this cute video of twins talking to each other.  I’m looking forward to these fun moments.  We need to invest in a video camera! [youtube][/youtube]