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30 weeks growth ultrasound

30 weeks growth ultrasound

Today Steve and I went to our 30 week growth ultrasound at Mercy.  Steve wanted to practice driving to Mercy and Labor and Delivery just so we were comfortable knowing where everything is incase something happens.  My appointment was early this time so we didn’t have to wait around the long before being seen.

Baby A: heart beat 136, weight estimated at 4 lbs, breach – 73rd percentile

Baby B: heart beat 143, weight estimated at 4 lbs 7 ounces, traverse – 59th percentile

I caught a glimpse of the monitor when she was measuring and it said Baby A was coming in at 32w6d and baby B was 29w0d.  I was slightly worried that baby A was so much bigger than B and the ultrasound tech talked to a doctor and no one seemed to be that concerned.

Their little heads were touching each other.  Yay, another pregnancy of freaking out as to whether or not they’ll turn heads down.