You know you’re in your 3rd trimester when…

You know you’re in your 3rd trimester when…
  1. You start acting more “animal” like… specifically monkey-like.  Need to pick something up off the floor? no problem!  Use your toes.
  2. Watching other people makes you tired.  It’s hard to remember a time when you once had energy let alone imagine how you’re going to have the energy to chase after twins!
  3. You relax a tiny bit knowing that the babies are becoming more and more viable every day… but freak out that much more knowing that baby A is still breech and the amount of time he has to flip is quickly diminishing.  eeek, C-section!
  4. Cankles
  5. The need to go online shopping is freakishly strong.
  6. Sex?  What’s that?
  7. Pee in a cup… might as well ask you to pee around the cup.  not being able to see past your belly to aim makes this task comical.  
  8. Linea Negra
  9. Nesting nesting nesting… the urge to nest is overpowering.
  10. Snoring is no longer the issue, your husband now lays awake next to you hoping you continue to snore because the sound of you gasping for breath in your sleep is scarier.
  11. Dreams become more and more vivid.
  12. Putting your bra on isn’t as easy as snapping it across your waste and pulling upwards, you now have to place it exactly where it’s going to be because it’s not going anywhere after it’s fastened.  Remember when you had a flat stomach?  
Side note: An old wives’ tale claims that if your linea negra runs only to your navel, you are carrying a girl; but if it goes all the way up to the xiphoid (bottom-most part of the center of your ribcage), it’s a boy.   …mine goes the whole way!

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