11 months old

11 months old


The girls are on the go!  It was incredibly hard this month to get a picture of the two of them together.  I can see why I stopped the monthly photos for the boys after they reached 1 year old.  I did get some cute ones of them individually though.  I love this age.  They are so much fun.  Why do the days go by so fast?!?  That being said, I can’t wait for them to turn one.  We are having a little get together at the house and I’m having photos taken of them from the same place that did their newborn photos.  I bought them some super cute outfits.  Here’s the boys blog post when they were 11 months old.



  • They are still wearing size 4 diapers.  I got the “cruiser” kind of Pampers.  Not sure if it makes a difference but since they’re always crawling they can’t hurt.
  • They’re starting to sleep better at night *knock on wood*.  The last 4 nights in a row they made it almost 12 hours.  Going from 7 pm until between 5 and 7 in the morning.  Really they get up in the morning when they hear their brothers.
  • Both girls love to pull up and stand as well as shimmy across things.  They aren’t walking yet though.
  • They love to dance.  Emily moves from side to side and Olivia from front to back.  I love when they dance at the same time in opposite directions.
  • They are eating almost everything.  At night Paty usually gives them dinner around 5’ish and then when Steve gets home and makes dinner for the rest of the family we’ll cut up some smaller pieces of whatever it is for them to eat.  I swear they eat more than the boys.
  • Their favorite food I’d say is Bananas.  They get so excited when they see a banana.
  • They have a bunch of unrecognizable sounds they say but their first coherent word is definitely “mama”.  +1 for me!
  • Their favorite toy is probably the curtains in the living room.  They love to look out the window and hold the curtains still.
  • They are taking two naps a day.  Typically from 9:30 or 10 for a couple hours then again in the afternoon for a shorter hour or so long nap.
  • They’re eating on me every 3 hours still.  But they’re fast, 5 minutes and they’re disconnecting and running away from me.  My goal is to make it a year, but I might breastfeed them for the rest of my life *only joking*.  I do love how I can eat everything in sight and am super skinny.
  • They are starting to interact and play with each other a lot more.  It’s rare for them to be on opposite sides of a room, they want to be near each other.  Sometimes that involves crying over sharing a thing or a person.

Here’s a video (sped up) showing how I feed the girls.  For some reason Olivia was particularly distracted so half of it is me wrestling her while Ems patiently eats. A glimpse into our lives…

YouTube Preview Image



  • This girl is so sweet.  She’s always smiling and has a sly grin that makes me laugh.
  • She might be the family jokester.  She loves to make her brothers crack up.  Both her and Olivia make these faces where they crinkle up their noses and breath in and out heavily.  Emily’s face with her two buck teeth is hilarious.
  • Emily has 6 teeth!  4 on the top, 2 on the bottom.
  • Whenever Emily is tired she grabs the nearest thing, she prefers something soft but with use anything, and pulls it up to her cheek and rests her head against it.
  • Speaking of, she loves blankets… just like Nathan!
  • Emily took two steps… but it was one time and I’m the only witness.  My guess is they don’t full on walk for a bit still.
  • Emily is bigger than Olivia but they don’t go to the doctor again until a year old so I’m not sure what the difference is.
  • When Emily gets something she knows she’s not usually allowed to have she squeezes it really hard, grins a huge open mouthed grin, and evil laughs *ha hehehehe*, before looking up at you with glowing eyes.
  • Emily loves to crawl over to something soft like the love sac foot stool and lean back against it.  She enjoys her relaxing baby life.
  • I can see more of the DeLuca side in the way Emily looks.  She looks so much like Steve’s mom to me!


YouTube Preview Image

EmsGrin Ems



  • Olivia finally got some teeth.  She has her two lower ones. You can see them peaking through in the photo above.
  • Olivia is stubborn.  She gets so upset when Emily takes a toy she is playing with.  In fact, she’ll look back at us and give us a look like “make her give it back” with crocodile tears running down her face.
  • It’s probably no surprise that she loves having independence.  Steve will put her on the ground when we’re getting her ready for bed and she’ll sashay into the boys room like she owns the place.  Then get angry at Steve and I when we try to put her in bed.
  • O is the worst to change diapers.  She immediately turns around and tries to escape.  You have to be quick at offering her something fun to hold while you attempt to change her diaper in record speed.
  • Olivia is more into stuffed animals… just like Anthony!
  • She has started taking toys and sliding them across the carpet while she walks.  Similar to how the boys used to pretend to drive cars.  She does it with magnablocks and plastic plates.
  • Olivia is a spider monkey.  She can already climb onto the couch and pretty much anything else.  I’m worried a little she’s going to step on the bumpers and climb out of her crib.
  • Olivia will wave if you say hi or wave at her.
  • Olivia looks more like my side of the family, at least I think she does.


YouTube Preview Image

OGorgeous SisterPlay


  • Now that we’re finally getting some sleep at night Steve and I are in better moods.  We can do this!  Two sets of twins… It’s nothing.  We got this. 🙂
  • I don’t know what we’d do without Paty.  Steve and I live for our Friday Date Nights as an escape from the demands of parenting for a couple hours.
  • Speaking of Paty, we begged and pleaded and she has agreed to stay on for another year as our au pair!!
  • The boys are starting the notice the girls more, mostly because the girls are starting to get in their business.  Anthony and Nathan aren’t huge fans of having two more people in competition for their things.

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  1. Such fun pictures, and I love hearing about their personalities and interactions with the boys. I can’t forget to say happy anniversary! Eight (plus) years, four kids, a sweet pup, great family and strong careers. You and Steve are doing well! Love you guys!

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