7 months old

7 months old

The months are flying by and the girls are getting bigger and bigger.

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  • The girls can move themselves all over the place.  They definitely can’t be left unattended without being sure there are no dangerous things anywhere on the ground that they could possibly get into.  They can flip themselves from their fronts to their backs and back again with ease.
  • Both girls are talking a lot! They love to hear their own voices and tell us all about their day.
  • Jumping is their favorite activity.  Especially Olivia.
  • They’ve been eating a lot of solid foods lately.  At least daily, ideally multiple times a day. They’ve tried chicken, apples, bananas, peaches, mangos, fish, peas, carrots, rice cereal, prunes… I’m sure I’m missing something.
  • Solid foods means solid poops! I think I like changing a solid poop more than the runny stuff. 🙂
  • Diapers – size 3, although we’re going to move up to size 4’s here soon
  • Sleep – If the girls are healthy we can usually get a 5 or 6 hour stretch from when I last feed them (6pm or 7pm).  But if they don’t feel good we’re up every 3 hours on the dot throughout the night.
  • My favorite thing about this age is how they reach for things.  Especially people.  They want to touch everything.  I love when their little hands slow motion reach out and touch my face when I’m feeding them and the look in their eyes of wonder.
  • They are both ultra distracted lately.  This month I was tandem feeding them and Emily farted, Olivia ripped herself off me super fast and just stared at Emily butt for a good minute.



  • Emily is starting to get up on her knees and rock back and forth.  She’s going to be crawling in no time
  • Emily does this thing when she laughs where she scrunches up her nose, so cute!  Unfortunately most of the pictures from the shoot are her being ultra serious.
  • When she gets really sad she does what I’ve dubbed the “zombie cry” where she sticks both arms out, shakes them, and whales. She has a little separation anxiety lately.





  • Olivia loves to make noises with the bubbles in her mouth. She’ll mimic you if you make them at her, too. 
  • Olivia is the happiest baby ever. She is always smiling from ear to ear.
  • Olivia looks a lot like me. It’s weird looking at her and feeling like I’m looking at a miniature version of myself.





  • We are doing fine.  The first year of any baby’s life is always tough, especially with trying to get them to sleep through the night and deal with breastfeeding/feeding in general.  Steve has found it difficult to handle it when I travel for work despite me insisting he ask Paty for help.  So it’s been hard on us trying to work through that. But work is going great, I love my job.  In fact, I just got to record my voice for an IBM commercial!
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  • The girls got to spend time with their grandma and grandpa DeLuca as well as grandma Seacat this past month.  It’s amazing how much they change between visits.

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  1. They are both getting a lot more hair. And I love Emily’s lips and Olivia’s eyelashes! The brother shots are great as well. Miss you guys tons!

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