15 week belly

15 week belly

Here’s a picture of me at 15 weeks with my second set of twins.  My belly definitely “popped” at 13 weeks.



Differences in this pregnancy:

  • I don’t remember getting nose bleeds with the boys but I have gotten them a handful of times this pregnancy.
  • My boobs are bigger.  It’s almost like they got stretched out from all the breastfeeding that when I got pregnant again they went back to where they were while breatfeeding.
  • No throwing up… yet.  I’m probably in the clear since I’m already in the second trimester.
  • Extreme exhaustion for the first trimester.  I know I was tired with the boys but I don’t remember being that tired.  Part of the exhaustion might be also dealing with toddler twins.  My energy has increased over the last two weeks, though.

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