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JR’s Wedding

JR’s Wedding

Friday was JR’s wedding.  Mom wanted to leave around 2:30 to get there for the 4 pm ceremony because apparently traffic can be rough.  Jake was on his way out the door so Steve jumped in the car with him about ten minutes before we left.  When we were almost to the ceremony I get a text from Steve saying to get off of 417 because there was a wreck and Steve and Jake were stopped in traffic.  Not sure how they were still on the highway, maybe they took a different exit than us.  There was a good amount of freaking out at the wedding site when we told everyone the father of the groom was stuck in traffic with no ETA.  Luckily Jake wasn’t alone and Steve was able to help communicate with us all on when Jake was going to arrive.  The venue, Leu Gardens, was very adamant that the place closed at 5 pm and we had to be off the property by then.  According to Steve, Jake almost walked and even thought about stopping a motorcyclist to get to the wedding on time.  He was not going to miss his sons wedding.  Luckily things cleared up and they made it to the site around 4:34 pm.  In the meanwhile I helped with some photo distractions.

Wasn’t Savanah gorgeous?!?  I loved her dress.



So glad Jake made it on time.  They were even picked up by a golf course and rushed to the ceremony site.



The rest of the wedding was pretty uneventful.  Nathan slept through the ceremony on Katie’s lap and Anthony played peek-a-boo with Sam.  The boys stayed with a babysitter at Lonnie and Leslie’s during the reception so Steve and I got to do a lot of dancing.  Everyone looked beautiful.

Congratulations J.R. and Savanah!


Made it to Orlando

Made it to Orlando

Wednesday we woke up at 5 am to head to the airport to come to Orlando for JR’s wedding.  Nathan flew the plane.  He wants to be like Uncle Paul some day.



We got to see some of the family on Wednesday and play with Dustin’s kids.  Anthony had a blast running around the yard playing with the sharks.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Grandpa showed the boys how to make lizard earrings




Champagne Party

Champagne Party

Last night mom hosted a Champagne party for the out of town guests to meet the wedding party.



It was a blast.  This wedding tonight is going to be so much fun with this group of party animals.
























Looking forward to the ceremony and reception for these love birds




Space Center

Space Center

When we were in Orlando for JR’s wedding and Christmas we snuck away one day to visit the Space Center.  It was really neat.  There were a lot of areas for young kiddos.  Although by the time we arrived it was lunch time and shortly after the boys were snoozing.  They had a great time.  Steve told us all about how his grandfather, the boys great grandfather on his dad’s side “Poppy”, worked on the legs of one of the moon landing.

Angry Birding with Grandma

YouTube Preview Image

A few highlights