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First time swimming

First time swimming

While in Montana we took the boys to the Bozeman Hot Springs to swim for the first time.  They both enjoyed the water and surprisingly Anthony LOVED it.  He was splashing up a storm.  Mark and Katie had these neat baby float things so we didn’t have to hold them the entire time.

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The second time we went we went with the Needhams and Mandy took this great picture of all of us in the water:


The boys were probably more interested in people watching then swimming.




Steve and I got to meet our newest nephew while visiting Montana, Townes Thomas Seacat.  He was such a good baby that it made me want another baby… or two.  He is absolutely beautiful!




I definitely don’t remember our boys ever being this small even though I know they were.  Babies grow up way too fast!   Take lots of photos Mark and Katie so we can watch him grow up.  Thanks for having us in your home.

The Needhams

The Needhams

While vising Montana we got to spend some quality time with my best friend from home, Mandy Needham and her beautiful family.  Miss you already Mandy!







Finna has grown up into such a fun little girl.  She has the best personality and commands the room.  At Mark’s house the boys were listening to her every word:



… this is how Anthony felt about girls touching him…


Stair climbing

Stair climbing

The boys had their first exposure to stairs while staying with my brother in Montana.  They both were so excited and proud of themselves for being able to quickly maneuver up the stairs.  After each step they’d turn around and give whoever was following them a huge grin.


At one point I set Anthony down while I ran to the bathroom in my brothers uber-amazing baby proofed basement and when I was done I couldn’t find Anthony anywhere.  I ran over towards the stairs and he was half way up to the top.