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Goodbye Pacis!

Goodbye Pacis!

We decided to eliminate the pacifiers on June 6th.  The boys did awesome at night.  The first few nights they cried a bit in the beginning but slept the same amount of time.  The last week or so it’s definitely been interesting during nap time.  I think at one point Ann said “I HATE no pacis”.  Needless to say we suffered through the transition and the boys have forgotten about their previous addiction.

Keri Help

Keri Help

A few weeks ago I got a text from Keri asking if Steve and I were up for having her come over on Sunday to help watch the kids.  We JUMPED at the suggestion and were so excited to have her help.  I’ve never been so productive.  Laundry, check. Cleaning, check… the house never looked so good.  Plus the boys AND us got to enjoy some Keri time.




Grandma Help

Grandma Help

Last week our nanny Ann went to New Orleans to party it up the week before Mardi Gras.  We were able to convince Grandma DeLuca to come out and stay with us to watch the boys so that Steve and I could keep working as normal.  Grandma was amazing with the boys.


They had so much fun giving her their books to read and playing.  We even made it to the YMCA for a swim.


Thank you Grandma!!  We love you!

Ann the Steelers FAN!

Ann the Steelers FAN!

Our nanny, Ann, was so confident that the Ravens would beat the Steelers that she said she’d let me take a picture of her in my Steeler’s jersey if they lost.  She hates the Steelers… as any good Ravens fan should.  She was born and raised in Baltimore and even went to college at Towson University.


Needless to say, when the Steelers pulled off the win last night (19-16), Ann was a good sport and even smiled for her picture.


Unfortunately I couldn’t find the boys jerseys for this picture.

Goodbye Keri

Goodbye Keri

Last Tuesday Keri told us that she had an opportunity to interview for a Baltimore teaching job and that her new job, if she got it, would start this Monday (8/26).  Of course they loved her and she got the job.  So it was a mix of emotions being sad that she was leaving us, scared that we wouldn’t find anyone nearly as good, and happy for her to move on with her career.


We rushed and scrambled and managed to interview 8 different nannies in 48 hours!  Luckily Grandma DeLuca was able to stay for this week to help out with the boys and hopefully a new nanny can start on the 3rd.   We’re going to miss you Keri!  You’ll always be the boys first “best friend”.  Good luck in your future career!

Nathan’s Adventure

Nathan’s Adventure

Yesterday I got this cute email from Keri that I just had to share…

Nathan finally figured out how to get under the Einstein. He was very proud.


Then he realized he could go up through the seat


So he poked his face through.


He was sitting up straight inside a new part of the Einstein and couldn’t be happier.NathanAdventure_4NathanAdventure_3

Until he wanted out and saw up as the only way. He knew your Mom and me were helping so he sat and waited for us to get the seat off. But he was a tiny bit scared.


Thought you might enjoy this little story about your son 🙂

Oh, and Anthony says, “Hey! What about me? Tell Mommy I’m trying my best to crawl for her.”NathanAdventure_7