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We’ll Miss You Ann!!

We’ll Miss You Ann!!

Last Friday was Ann’s last day with the boys.  She’s been watching them for about 2 years!!  Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to full-time Ann as the boys got accepted into preschool at Cedarcroft school and start this coming Thursday, September 3rd. She has a new job lined up with another family nearby and promises to come visit all the time.  We’re going to hold her to it!





I don’t think the boys fully understood that Ann wasn’t going to be watching them anymore but we’re trying to distract them by talking up how much fun they will have at school. We are all going to miss you Ann!!



Our nanny, Ann, suggested that we get the boys a butterfly kit.  We got the kit in the mail from Amazon pretty quick and then ordered the caterpillars.


When they got here we watched them in a little jar until eventually they made little cocoons.  Then we transferred the cocoons to a mesh container and waited for the butterflies to hatch.


It was a pretty fun process to see.  I’m not sure if the boys were old enough to really understand but they got excited to show everyone their butterflies.  Yesterday we let our butterflies free. Ann was definitely the saddest to see them go!











I headed to Vegas for work a couple weeks ago.  I was asked to be one of the keynote speakers for a General Session in front of as many as 20,000 people.  I said yes and headed to Vegas.



I rented a really sparkly and Vegas worthy dress from Rent The Runway.  It was a hit.  I had lots of positive comments about my talk.  It was very similar to the one I gave at the TED@IBM event last September.



When I was gone I got a text message from Ann that Nathan had taken his diaper off and “painted the walls with poop”.  Ew, I can’t imagine.  I’m so glad I wasn’t home ;).  The very next day he apparently did it again but this time Anthony helped in his artistic talents.  Ann thought he was just acting out since I wasn’t home.  Luckily he hasn’t done it again since I’ve gotten home.  I invented a new pajama for him so he doesn’t do it in the morning.  Basically I put a tshirt over a onesie since he doesn’t know how to take off a tshirt to unzip his pjs.





Our house is being taken over by creepy crawlers.  Ann gave the boys an Antworks ant farm for their birthday.  They have tunneled all over and it’s fun to see the screams Ann and I make when an ant gets loose every couple days.  The boys are still a little young for it but they watch them and point at the “bugs”.