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Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas this year was amazing.  The boys were so into all the presents.  In fact we actually got them WAY too many things.  The boys told me that it would take an entire year to unwrap everything. We had to almost yell at them to focus and finish unwrapping.  At one point I unwrapped a few of the boys things.  Anthony *might* have unwrapped a few of Nathan’s things.  The girls were also pretty into it.  They didn’t really understand how to unwrap the presents but they enjoyed ripping the paper.  It was so nice having Steve’s mom and dad around to help out with the kids.  Unfortunately Paty was not here though! She spent Christmas day with her cousin in New York City but we got to celebrate when she got home.

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I had the boys write some letters to Santa.  Super cute. “I was 100 good”.

LetterToSantaNathan LetterToSantaAnthony


Nona & Poppy

Nona & Poppy

This week we took the kids to Long Island.  The girls got to meet their great grandparents, Nona and Poppy, for the first time and the boys got to see them again for the first time in a very long time.


I was asked to speak at Hofstra University and convinced Steve that it’d be a great excuse to trek out the entire family to New York to see his family.  On Monday morning Steve, Paty, the boys, girls, and I all hoped in the minivan and drove 4 hours from Baltimore to Long Island.

We also got to have dinner with Uncle Chuck and Stephen.  It was so nice to see everyone, it had been way too long!



It was the very first time the boys slept in a hotel room… but not the girls.  This might be the first time the girls had a “first” before the boys had their “first” equivalent.  Besides the yummy hot breakfast, the boys were really excited about the pool… or maybe it was just me.  We took the girls swimming for the first time.  I didn’t get any pictures of them in the water but I did get some of them in their swimsuits.  It was adorable.



Nathan also took some great photos.  He is a really good photographer




Check out Emily “planking” in the background on this one.  She is so strong!

“Grama downstairs”

“Grama downstairs”

Grandma and Grandpa Seacat were just here staying with us as they head back to Montana (and then Seattle) for their cross country road trip.  We were lucky enough to get them for a whole week.  Unfortunately both of them were feeling pretty sick when they got here.  Grandpa recovered in the basement and was quarantined to his dinner spot on the kitchen counter.  Luckily none of the DeLucas are sick *knockOnWood*.

The boys fell in love with them quick as usual.  Always asking in the morning if Grandma was still downstairs.  Anthony made sure to grab grandma’s hand and “march” with her around the room with his new Mickey Stick.  Nathan made everyone make-believe “rice cookies”.








Their trip went by way too fast.  Lucky for us (unlucky for them) they were here during our 3 day potty training marathon (more later) which helped a ton with the boys.


Travel home safely. We’re going to miss you guys!  We love you!